• Chapter five

    The bottom


    I had had it all, love & a life I adored. But what happens when you fall & hit the bottom?

  • Video Concept:  A plane is seen in the sky. Zooms out and in on a girl sitting on a mountain top, watching. She is running. She trips on a branch, (flashback of Suspension-falling off rooftop) but she is fine. Gets up. She comes across the town and sees the bar. Sits at the counter, bartender seems friendly. Hands her a drink. Someone taps her shoulder and she has flash back of his hand reaching towards her. She snaps out of it and turns around. The bartender slips a pill into the drink, you see a poof like magic/smoke. She turns around and takes a swig. Quick flashback of the ocean running towards her as she drinks. She places down the cup harshly as the memory fades into the ocean hitting the glass) She’s talking to the bartender mouthing the words, “I thought I fell for a stranger, I thought we were lovers” he is listening contently like any good bartender. She points to head, “I thought” and then becomes dizzy. Nearly falls off her chair and a stranger in a mask catches her. The bartender, puts on a mask and jumps over the counter to her. He helps her walk out of the bar. She trips and has flashback of falling in suspension rooftop fall. This new stranger, is dragging her with another, as she is struggling to get the words out. She goes up steps, flashback to steps on suspension. Fades to black. She opens her eyes and sees the mask above her, the cape encasing her from above. (Camera shot from above) she is reaching again, for his hand (flashback). She screams silently and flashback of screaming in the waves. Cape is stuffed in her mouth to quiet her. Fades to black. Eyes open and light streams in through a single window. She gets up, encased by the black cape. She walks over and grabs the MC sweater off the ground. Puts it on. Escapes out the window, having a final flashback of her jumping out of his and suspending off building snippet. She drops the hood.

    But I thought Plot twist...

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